My Fear of Falling

Welcome to my blog! Whether you are here to learn more about me, or want find tips for how to get outside and be active with a disability, I’m happy to have you join me on this journey.

I’ve started writing numerous first entries for this blog and deleted just as many. I have not been certain about where I should start or what direction I should go in sharing my thoughts and experiences. That’s one of my biggest weaknesses: overthinking. Whether I’m relearning how to ski sitting down, figuring out how to maneuver my GRIT Freedom Chair on a complicated hiking trail, or trying to decide how to get my body up a wall of rock, I’ve discovered that thinking too much is not beneficial for me.

My frustration about not being able to overcome a challenging situation multiplies when I feel like I can’t figure out a solution before trying again. Reality is that you may not be able to see a clear solution. Sometimes you must send it into the unknown, knowing the likelihood is high that you will fall (and fall multiple times at that).

The fear of falling can keep us stuck. It often keeps me stuck. Nelson Mandela once said, “I never lose. I either win or learn.” But in that principle is always forward momentum. ALWAYS. You can’t win or learn standing still. You can only grow through movement. Admittedly, some days I want to stand still. I want everything to stand still. I’m overwhelmed. Everything around me feels like it is moving so fast. I just want a moment to feel like I can catch up.

A big part of “adulting” is figuring out how to focus even when everything around you is in chaos. In most sports there is an emphasis put on learning HOW to fall. That is such a beautiful metaphor for everyday life. Staying calm when plummeting downward or crashing into something feels unnatural. Biologically we want to avoid things that cause us discomfort at all costs. One must stay collected when falling, though. If we panic, we will only hurt ourselves more. Then, most importantly, we must get back up in order to incorporate what we’ve learned through the fall on the next attempt.

So, here we all are! Here’s to sending it into the unknown! Here’s to falling, getting back up, and trying again! Here is to learning and (hopefully, one day) winning!