Nerissa Cannon

Nerissa grew up living an active lifestyle. Above all, she enjoyed activities that allowed her to be outside in a natural setting.

While in her junior year of college, Nerissa began experiencing symptoms of what she would later understand to be Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). As a coping mechanism she developed an eating disorder that she battled for the next few years.

While she was actively working on recovering from her eating disorder, Nerissa began experiencing chronic pain and intermittent difficulty walking. Expecting these symptoms to go away on their own, Nerissa tried to ignore them. When the only got progressively worse, Nerissa reached out to doctors to help find answers. Over the course of several years specialists of kinds ran numerous tests and still have not been able to tell Nerissa what is causing her deteriorating symptoms.

Unable to access the nature she so loved, Nerissa fell into a deep depression. Sick of sitting around waiting for answers without any support from her medical team, she began exploring options to get back out into wild. Through searching she found the GRIT Freedom Chair which gave her access to terrain she thought she could no longer enjoy.

Since then Nerissa has hiked countless miles, kayaked, gone rock climbing, climbed a 14,000 ft peak in Colorado, performed improv comedy, and more! Her journey with chronic illness has made her very passionate about helping other people get the most out of life in spite of a disabling condition. She is eager to connect with others who are struggling and help them rediscover adventure.


Life Moves Forward

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